About/Mission Statement

Vacant AIR is a residency aimed at providing both opportunity for local and emerging artists and a vehicle for community growth within the SF/Bay area. In response to the marginalization of the San Francisco arts community, caused by the rising cost of living and the large spread of unoccupied storefronts, Vacant AIR’s hope is to aid the community by facilitating multimedia exhibition spaces. It’s our belief that we can alleviate the negative economic and social effects of the city's expanding blight, by transforming the abundance of San Francisco's vacant storefronts into pop-up galleries and artist studios. 

It is the goal of Vacant AIR, to facilitate relationships between local artists and property owners to once again make this city a genuine cultural hub for artists and the freedom of expression.


Carter Andereck

President & Co-Director

Carter Andereck graduated from Tulane University with a major in Marketing and Economics. After college, he returned to his hometown of San Francisco to work in live event production. While working in event production, he began producing small events for Weinstein Gallery. Carter now works as an Art Consultant at a number of galleries in San Francisco.

John J Hartford V

Vice President, Co-Director & Chief Curator

Pursuing his Dual Degree (MFA/MA Museum & Exhibition Studies) with SFAI, John J Hartford V continues to be active within in the San Francisco art scene, using held positions to expand the recognition and representation of emerging local and student artists. Having served as Director/Curator of Swell Gallery (SFAI), he currently works as Art Attack SF's Gallery manager and Curator.